Why LASIK Surgery is Still The Top Choice for Millions Submitted by Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center on September 21, 2018

LASIK is the corrective procedure preferred by millions of people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have an astigmatism. An estimated 600,000 people every year decide that it’s time to retire their glasses or contacts and correct their vision with LASIK surgery.

Here at Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center, we’ve had years of experience, participating in more than 80,000 successful LASIK procedures. We’re proud to help patients achieve excellent vision; in fact, most regain 20/20 vision, which is one of the reasons why LASIK surgery continues to be the top choice for millions.

LASIK is highly effective and safe

The simple facts are that LASIK works and it’s a safe procedure — the most important considerations when you choose any type of medical care, but especially when it involves your eyes and affects your vision.

Although we could tell you many stories about patients who are thrilled with their LASIK results, you don’t have to take our word.

The US Food and Drug Administration released a comprehensive study on the safety and effectiveness of LASIK surgery. The FDA, the National Eye Institute, and the Department of Defense worked together to survey patients who had a LASIK procedure at multiple different clinics.

Their results confirmed that more than 95% of the survey respondents achieved 20/20 or better vision following their surgery.

LASIK surgery is quick with little downtime

Your total time in the office is two hours, but you’ll only be in surgery around 15 minutes. Out of those 15 minutes, your actual LASIK procedure typically takes two minutes. The laser reshapes your cornea in about one minute.

If the laser is so quick, why are you in the office for two hours? Here’s a quick rundown:

Before your LASIK surgery, we take time to review what will happen during the procedure, answer your questions, and generally prepare you for the procedure. For example, you may receive a sedative to help you relax, and that needs some time to take effect.

When you’re ready, we administer anesthetic eyedrops (so the procedure is pain-free), take time to carefully position your eye with the laser, and prepare it by cutting a flap. Then the laser quickly reshapes the cornea. After the laser does its job, we replace the flap, which starts to heal just hours after surgery.

You need to apply eye drops for the next five days, and you can get back to most of your usual activities within 24 hours.

You should keep water out of your eye and limit eye creams or makeup for a few days. It’s also important to avoid intense physical activity or contact sports for a few weeks. Otherwise, you can enjoy yourself and your improved vision.

LASIK produces immediate results

Immediately after your LASIK procedure, you should notice a significant difference in your vision. In fact, nearly 96% of men and women regain their optimal vision right after the procedure. Complete healing takes some time, and your vision may fluctuate over the first few days, but the improvement remains stable.

LASIK results are permanent

Once your cornea is reshaped, it heals and maintains its new shape in the years to come.

Most patients never need additional surgery to correct a refractive error. It’s estimated that fewer than 1% need an enhancement to fine-tune their vision after undergoing LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery also doesn’t affect future treatments. If you need surgery down the road for a condition like cataracts, you can safely undergo the procedure.

LASIK supports your active lifestyle

At some point in your daily life, glasses and contacts get in the way. You have to remove contacts when you swim, and you need prescription sports glasses if you participate in contact sports or activities that involve sticks and bats.

You may frequently switch back and forth between prescription sunglasses and regular glasses, or find your glasses constantly sliding down a sweaty nose while you exercise. And let’s not forget that glasses seem to attract smudges and often need to be cleaned.

These issues may sound like small annoyances, but after years of worrying about taking care of glasses and contacts, our patients are thrilled to be able to get up every morning and go about their activities without the hassle.

If you’re ready to consider LASIK surgery to correct your vision, call Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center. We’re here to answer your questions, examine your eyes, and let you know whether you’re a good candidate for this exceptional procedure.

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