5 Things That Stop Bothering You After Having LASIK Submitted by Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center on September 27, 2022

While prescription lenses do a good job of addressing nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, they are not without their minor annoyances. In fact, convenience tends to be the leading reason that so many patients decide to correct their vision with LASIK. Here, the team of eye doctors at Atlanta Vision Laser and Cataract Center discuss some of the glasses- and contact-related inconveniences that their patients stop experiencing after becoming having LASIK.

Losing a Contact Lens

While contact lenses effectively cling to your eye most of the time, they are liable to fall out on occasion. If you wear contact lenses regularly, surely you have experienced the hassle of having to search for a lens that has slipped out, a situation made worse when you have no practical way to replace or clean the lens. LASIK can prevent this annoyance from happening to you again. 

Forgetting Your Glasses at Home

If your prescription is moderate, you may opt to only wear your glasses in situations where it is necessary, like while driving or seeing a movie. However, when you do not wear your glasses all the time, it becomes much easier to forget to bring them with you when you leave the house. After being treated with LASIK, you no longer need to worry about bringing your glasses: your clear vision is with you everywhere you go!

Replacing Lenses

Eyeglasses warrant replacement about every two years, and disposable contact lenses must be purchased on a near-monthly basis. It can be a chore budgeting for and continuously updating your eyewear. While our doctors do suggest that you undergo periodic eye exams to check that your prescription remains stable, after having LASIK you may not need to worry about procuring new lenses ever again. 

Exercising with Glasses

It is neither fun nor easy to wear eyeglasses while exercising, but it may be necessary for your sight and safety. Unfortunately, glasses can bounce around your face while running. Contact sports or errant balls can knock your glasses off entirely, sometimes breaking your frames. Once you have had LASIK, though, you can work out and play games with your friends without these concerns.

Foggy Glasses

Eyeglass lenses are prone to becoming foggy when you enter a warm environment after being outdoors in the cold. This phenomenon occurs because vapor gets on the lenses when you breathe or sweat. When this vapor is warmed, it changes form and creates a fogging effect. Incidence of fogging has increased during the coronavirus pandemic, as anyone who has tried wearing glasses and a facemask at the same time can tell you. Without needing glasses, however, this fogging problem goes away.

Discuss LASIK with an Ophthalmologist

Dr. Leonard Achiron and Dr. David O’Day are regarded as experts in the field of refractive surgery, having overseen over 80,000 LASIK procedures. If you are contemplating ditching your prescription lenses in favor of LASIK, it makes sense to meet with an ophthalmologist who has a track record of improving vision. Call (404) 765-2020 to arrange a consultation.

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